The Different Types of Female Haircuts Popular in 2015

It can be a daunting task for any woman to choose a new look, but the best part is that it is possible to modify almost any look to work on anyone. Female haircuts can be tailored to complement your hair length, facial shape, hair type and personal style. Do you want to change your look? If you are after a drastic change in your look and style, it is best to look for a stylist you can trust and believe they can provide you the desired change. Here are some of the top haircuts you can consider for altering your appearance:


Layered Hairstyle
These haircuts are a popular choice because they can add shape, volume and texture to most hair types and hairstyles. As it can be interpreted from the name, a layered haircut comprises of different layers of several lengths. You can use this type of haircut for all lengths of hair and will be able to make considerable improvement to curly, wavy and straight hair. Choppy layers are a good choice for you when you have fine and straight hair as they can add a dramatic flair. Layered haircuts are also known for giving style and shape to curly hair. Another benefit of this hairstyle is it can be used with different face types and can also comprise of bangs. You can get some variety in long hairs if you add layers to them.


Pixie Hairstyle

This is a daring hairstyle for women who have curly and fine hair, but they can work with a variety of other hair types. Basically, your hair is cropped shot and the face is framed by wispy edges in a pixie cut. The best part about this hair style is that it is very low maintenance and is ideal for women who have delicate features. While the pixie cut will work for almost any face shape, it can be a bit of a challenge if you have a round face.

Classic Long Hair

Classic Long Hair

It may be simple, but the classic long hairstyle can be styled in a number of ways. As all the hair is cut to a single length, this haircut is great for you if you have thick and straight hair. You can let the hair be shoulder-length or even longer while still adding bangs if you desire. You can either go for a braid, ponytail, make an up do or keep long hair straight. However, you will need to do some pampering if you wish to keep your long hair strong and healthy.


Bob Hairstyle

These haircuts have been popular amongst women since the 1920s. First, they were chosen by women for marking their independence and today it is just a great and classic style you can enjoy. Usually these haircuts are chin-length, but you can choose to wear a longer bob haircut, which doesn’t have layers. You can also modify the bob by cutting the hair longer in the front and shorter in the back and add layers or bangs, whatever preferable. It can work with any face shape.