Interior glass doors give a house artistic finish regardless of whether the house is traditional or contemporary. The doors give the house the extra decoration that makes it look cute. What matters here is whether the doors are well crafted by an expert or not. If the frames are made from hardwood especially Mahogany, knotty Alder and tropical rust, the glass gives the door the sparkling finish that makes it beautiful and admirable. It is possible to buy the doors when they are already glassed or when they are un-glassed. The doors are available in different sizes and therefore you can make an order depending   on the specifications of your house. The glasses can be fixed at home or still, one can buy a full door with already fixed glasses. The doors come in different varieties. We have fully beveled glass inserts and a pre-hung option.

We ensure that the doors are unique, contemporary so as to give your house the look that you have always admired. The beveled glass design will definitely add value to your house. Some of the doors come with a screen glass which assures you of total privacy with unmatched bevel cut which comes with a rainy splash design. The mahogany wood used on some of the doors is of high quality which goes a long way in making your house beautiful and modern.

The glasses are available in different sizes. There is ¼’’ single beveled screen glass which has some lead came. If this does not meet your specification you can also purchase ¾’’ whose beveled screen glass is insulated and comes with black caming. Caming helps in creating the decorative glasses and holds the pieces of glass in one place. The handcrafting of the glasses is what makes the doors vary slightly. If you want your door to be efficient and strong, then it must have triple glass and be well insulated. This increases its resistance and ensures that its security is enhanced. Though single glass option is recommended for interior use, using the strong triple glass option does no harm. The wood that is used on these doors must be well kiln-dried if you want it to give you an excellent service. Drying it in a kiln is an assurance of a door that will not give you problems while in use. More so, it will be easier to stain and paint it.

Raised moldings must be done around the glass on both sides to ensure that the glass fits tightly. It is highly advised to use mahogany for efficiency of the door though you can still use other hardwood such as Knotty Alder and tropical rust. The recommended door thickness may fall between ¾- 1 ‘‘though the final thickness may depend on what you have recommended or the contractors recommendation. If all recommendations are followed, it is expected that the final product will be a solid door. In most cases the pricing is per the size of the door or the glass slab used. The length of the door varies but in most cases will lie between 80’’ and 96 inches.  

The 906 series is very unique and the design is rich beveled. The most admirable feature of the 906 interior glass door series is the screen glass that ensures privacy plus the bevel cut which gives the door a radiant design. The mahogany used is of the highest quality and assures you of maximum security.