The Complete Guide to Men’s Belts

Belt is basically described as a strip of leather or any other material that’s typically worn around the waist either for carrying weapons or for holding in and supporting clothes. However, there is more to a belt than just holding up pants or trousers. They can be handy for adding a personal touch to formal wear or for making a style statement. Likewise, they can be useful in tying an outfit together or creating a clear distinction between the top and bottom half. But, if men wish to make the most of this particular accessory, they have to make an informed choice that not just reflects their personality, but also enhances their clothes.

Men’s belts can be both formal and casual. The formal one, which has to be worn with tailored suits and trousers, should simply be understated. It should be made of fine leather, have a width of 2.5 to 3.5 cm and come in black, brown or a similar subtle color. The purpose of the formal belt is to finish the outfit discreetly and only provide support to what you are wearing rather than stealing the show. Formal attire is basically self-advertising and a quirky belt might end up making people seem undesirable. Loud buckles should be avoided and shoes and belts should match.

There can be a subtle pattern on the strap such as a fine weave, patent finish or leather grain, but contrast stitching should be left for casual belts. Your casual belt allows you to be more experimental and express your personality openly. There is no determined width range, but there are some guidelines that should be followed. For instance, thin belts only go with skinny jeans while wider styles can be used for complementing jeans, cargo pants, chinos and shorts. Casual belts don’t need to be matched with anything.

Furthermore, people can opt for strap or buckle, whatever they prefer and it can be loud and eccentric. There is a huge variety available in terms of causal belt such as embroidered, exotic skins, fabric webbing, printed straps, studded, tooled leather and woven leather. Apart from that, there are some belts that are a must-have. Every man should have a formal brown or black belt that goes with formal shoes. A natural or tan leather belt should also be purchased as it works with jeans. It can be a simple leather strap or it can also be braided or woven.

People should also have a fabric, webbed version that has a double D buckle fastening and should be in a color that works well with your complete wardrobe. A novelty item is also essential such as snakeskin, studded, beaded, colored or metal chain. This belt can become a signature piece and help men stand out in a crowd. A logo buckle belt can also be used for showing off your brand, but it shouldn’t overtake your personality as that would make men appear a douche rather than making the style and brand statement they were after.