The Best Fashion Trends That Are Good for All Times

The world of fashion is constantly changing. You never know when something is going to get popular and when it is going to be tossed out. Trends come in go and people adapt to these changes in order to keep up with the fashion world. Over the years, there has been the introduction of some major trends and they have reverberated for a long time. There have been some unique combinations like that of western and eastern style. Regardless, there are some trends that have remained evergreen throughout the years and can be used any time to look gorgeous and chic. Wondering what they are?

We have made a list of the best fashion trends of all time that have been seen and can be easily incorporated:

Trend 1- The Pencil Skirt

The original pencil skirt can be traced back to America in the 1950s. For over five decades, the skirt has remained an important staple in women wardrobes, even though it has undergone some changes. The length has been shortened and the skirt itself has been tightened a bit, but it still has a slimming silhouette and the sexy shape can get your imagination going. The pencil skirt has stood the test of time and you can find it in different colors and fabrics today.

Trend 2- Mini Motorcycle Jackets

The shrunken motorcycle jacket trend is also quite popular and perhaps one of the most favorite trends. Initially, it was just a sign of teen rebellion and angst, but now everyone from Boho rocker chicks to Park Avenue princesses are rocking this style because of its awesomeness.

Trend 3- The Kitten Heel

Audrey Hepburn, the great fashion icon, is the one who brought the kitten heels into the limelight. They had first gained popularity in the 1960s, but had diminished due to the introduction of stiletto heels. However, they re-emerged later on in the 1980s. Kitten heels in pointed toes are simply amazing. The price may be high, but you can find some great deals at DealVoucherz.

Trend 4- Menswear Inspired Blazer

It was in the late 1980s that the menswear inspired blazer gained popularity. Yes, women had worn blazers before as well, but that was only as a contradiction to society. The only time these boyfriend blazers got some bad press was in the 80s when shoulder pads had been introduced. These days, this blazer is very versatile as you can wear it with a t-shirt, to an interview or even with a cocktail dress.

Trend 5- Pearls

These days, pearls are undoubtedly ubiquitous, but they are classified as ‘something old’. You can see congress women, spoiled private school girls, sorority sisters, royalty and even porn stars wearing them. It was Mikimoto who stimulated the pearl making process in 1893 and has been making beautiful pearl jewelry since then.

Trend 6- The Statement Necklace

In 2008, the statement necklace had become a huge trend and it has also made a comeback. It is downlight fabulous and is definitely an ornament piece for just any outfit. The origins of this trend are not easy to trace, but they most likely go back to royalty. The reason why this trend is going strong these days is that everyone can buy statement necklaces without having to pay very high prices.

Trend 7- The Classic Trench Coat

This classic fashion staple has been manipulated to become some ugly and bad things like anything in the Matrix or the World War I coats. There is a lot of debate about the origin of the trench coat, it is credited to Burberry and they are renowned for this iconic coat. This trend originated in Britain and the large buttons and rick khaki color is quite nostalgic.

Trend 8- The LBD

The iconic little black dress or LBD as it is referred to, has become a global phenomenon. Again, Audrey Hepburn invented this trend through her role as Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys. Women of all ages simply love this trend because of its uniqueness and versatility. In fact, lots are hoping that the little white dress will also become a fashion trend in the next decade or so.

Trend 9- Riding Boots

As the name indicates, these boots were originally worn for the purpose of riding horses, but they can be worn today by anyone. Again, it was the British Army that first used these boots so we have to thank the Brits for this lovely trend. They are immensely sexy and can add a touch of confidence to your appearance.

Trend 10- Wide Leg Trousers

There are several places where the origins of wide leg trousers can be pinpointed, but the 1970s bellbottoms take all the credit. The hippie crowd gave bellbottoms their popularity. Today, they have gotten streamlined and flare out only a bit at the bottom. They have a timeless look that makes them so appealing.