The Best Clothes for Curvy Women

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If you want to wear great clothes and look beautiful, it is no longer a prerequisite for being stick-thin. Whether you are petite or plus-sized, it is possible for you to use fashion for accentuating a curvaceous figure. By choosing flattering items and the right fit, you will be able to flaunt the natural curves of your body with confidence and style. The problem with most women is that they are not aware of what clothes would be flattering and would look good on them. They opt for those that don’t work on their figure and make them seem unflattering.

Some of the clothes that can be chosen by curvaceous women are:

Sweater Dress

A curvaceous figure can be accentuated by a sweater dress that’s in a slimming material such as cashmere. An hourglass look can be achieved by women when they wear an over-sized belt at the slimmest area of the waist. Over-sized bulky knits should be avoided because they make you appear larger and shapeless. A body shaper can also be worn beneath the dress as it will help in smoothing out the bulges and create a sleeker look at the same time.

Jacket and Pants

A great outfit for women that are curvy includes flat-front trousers paired with a properly fitting jacket. There should be enough shape in the jacket that will be able to accentuate the smallest part of your midsection while the tummy bulges can be minimized with the flat-front trousers and an hourglass figure will be accentuated because it also balances out full hips. Be sure that the jacket isn’t too loose fitting and not too tight. Buttoning the jacket without pulling at the bust line or at the back should be no problem for you. However, the jacket should also hug your curves closely in a way that it doesn’t look boxy or shapeless.

Trouser Jeans

The body can be balanced and a curvy and slimmer appearance can be created with trouser jeans because they have a slight flare at the bottom. It is very flattering to wear jeans that flare slightly or fall straight down the hip, especially if your hips are wide. Most curvy women should not go for tapered leg jeans. Your lower leg will appear smaller with these jeans and this will make you appear bulkier around your thigh, hips and midsection.

Shapely Skirts

Your body will be balanced out and your curves will be accentuated with the help of shapely skirts, as long as they are paired with the right top. Full hips can be balanced with trumpet skirts or those that are fitted around the hips, but are flared from the bottom. Curvy women will also look good when wearing pencil skirts as long as they are the right fit. A skirt that has a high waist should be worn as it will hug you at the smallest part of your midsection and you will be able to show off an hourglass look. If your bottom half is heavier, wear skirts with a lower waist and are slim fit.