The Advent of a Sunroom Over Swimming Pool

The conventional method of generating electricity uses fossil fuels or mostly coal. Coal is burnt in thermal power plants and the energy released is then used to generate electricity. The major drawback is that coal is depleting very fast from the planet and it will take thousands of years for the supply of coal to replenish itself on Earth. This has made scientists explore other ways of generating energy from sources that are renewable. Solar energy is one such source. It is a remarkable idea because solar energy is available in plenty on Earth, that is, the energy that we get through the Sun rays. This sort of energy will not only save the planet’s resources but it’ll also save your money when it comes to paying electricity bills.

The Efficiency of Solar Water Heaters

The best thing about investing in solar technology is that you only have to invest a large amount once when you purchase any equipment, for example, a geyser. It is relatively very cheap and easy to maintain the equipment as your bills reduce drastically in amount. Solar water heaters work on the trapped solar energy that is stored in solar cells. These can be used to warm the swimming pools in your house. They can also be used to heat up the water that is supplied to your entire house to make it warm. Solar heaters should be installed keeping in mind the temperature and climate of a place. For a city situated near the equator, where the sun shines most of the day with great intensity, solar energy can be used to power the whole house; but for a place where the Sun shines only for a few hours, only a few functions of the household work can be dependent on the solar energy because it’s of no use if it doesn’t provide energy for maximum part of the day.

Other Ways of Heating an Outdoor swimming Pool

 Most New York houses have outdoor patio enclosures which can be used to apply the principle of solar heating to keep the patio at a warm and comfortable temperature for people to sit in. Another application of solar heating is constructing a sunroom over a swimming pool. You don’t even have to use solar water heaters to warm the water in your swimming pool, the sunroom does it for you. Using a scientific phenomenon called the greenhouse effect; a glass sunroom traps the heat from the Sun and heats up everything inside it, including the pool. If the internal temperature of the sunroom gets too hot, you can simply open it to let the breeze cool it to a lower temperature. This will be a lifesaver when it comes to electricity bills.