An archipelago that comprises of nearly 1200 islands is defined as the Maldives and lie in the Indian Ocean. Deemed to be part of Southern Asia, the average height of 80% of Maldives is less than one meter. This means that if the global climate continues to change because of rising sea levels, this beautiful paradise might drown in the sea sooner or later. It is renowned all over the globe for its picturesque scenery that includes swaying palm trees, abundant sunshine, white beaches and colorful corals.


Maldives has now become a republic, although formerly it was a sultanate under the protection of the British and Dutch. The political scene of the island was dominated by Maumoon Abdul Gayoom for 30 years who ruled it with an iron fist. However, amidst protests and political demonstrations by the people, he had to concede defeat to Mohammad Nasheed in 2008, when finally free and fair elections were held and no rigging was carried out. Nasheed also had to hand over the presidency after protests and it was taken up by Mohammad Waheed. Elections are to be held again in July of 2013.


The Maldives are straddling the equator. Therefore, they are said to be tropical and can provide plenty of sunshine to the tourists because temperatures are close to 30 degree throughout the year. The amount of rainfall is also substantial, especially during the rainfall season. There are no major seasonal differences and people can enjoy clear skies during their visit to the Maldives. The sea breezes are cooling and provide the perfect atmosphere of relaxation.

What To Enjoy

People who wish to see nature at its best should definitely visit the Maldives. There are countless islands to explore, each with its share of pure white coral sand beaches that are surrounded by natural reefs. There is a wealth of tropical plants and coconut palms are ample, creating an idyllic spot for a memorable holiday or a romantic honeymoon. People can lie back and relax or indulge in some hobby fishing. There are just the perfect waves for people who have an urge to surf. Be ready for a binge if you are a divining enthusiast. The picturesque island offers an active night life, a close look at nature and the perfect spot for soaking the sun.


Tourism is the primary industry of the Maldives and it has become among the most adored holiday destinations of the world. Between the year 1972 and 2007, the number of tourist resorts on the island have increased from 2 to 92, offering a vast array of accommodations to people who visit the spectacular island. Each and every resort is breathtaking and magnificent in its own right as all of them offer all the modern conveniences that can make the trip comfortable and relaxing. People can have a fun time at the luxurious resorts that are spread all over.

Traveling to Maldives is quiet easy and people can plan a fun and memorable trip to this heavenly location.