There is a very wide range of Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, as our nervous system controls almost all of the body functions, and all of these body functions are carried out by transmitting signals throughout the body. Since Multiple Sclerosis damages the myelin sheaths which are responsible for the proper functioning and transmission of these signals and is an essential part of our nervous system, the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis are plenty. These symptoms include improper functioning of almost every part and function of our body and can be characterized accordingly. The common and early Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis include numbness, loss of balance, blurred or during vision, tingling. These symptoms accordingly to my characterization are as follows in more detail:

Motor and Cognitive Symptoms: 

These symptoms include muscle weakness either partial or mild paralysis, total loss of muscle strength, pain in muscles, loss of stiffness in muscles, complete loss of muscles which are not used frequently, forced contraction of muscles, tics and unintentional movement of legs and other body parts, problems with posture and walking. Other cognitive MS Symptoms include dementia, depression, anxiety, mood swings, euphoria, short-term and long-term memory loss, over emotional or over excited behavior and speech comprehension impairment.

Visual And Sensory Symptoms: 

Visual symptoms include blurred vision, blindness, color blindness, pain in eyes, double vision, irregular pupil response, unsteady or overshooting eye movements, uncoordinated movements between the two eyes, eyes start to respond to sudden noises. Facial pain, pain in other body parts without obvious cause, sensation and pain of burning and itching on the body, partial or complete numbness, buzzing and vibration sensations, electrical shock sensations when moving head, to be unable to realize the location of body parts and other sensory symptoms are all part of Signs of Multiple Sclerosis.

Sexual, Bowel Bladder and Other Symptoms:

These symptoms comprise of inability to either develop or maintain erection of during sexual performance, failure to achieve orgasm, ejaculation into the bladder, inability to become sexually excited, abnormal bowel movements, urgency and unrestraint bowel, urinary urgency and hesitancy are the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

Other Symptoms: 

Loss of ability to move in a rhythm and to produce repeatedly different movements, shaking when producing fine movements, loss of coordination while performing fine movements, slow limb movements, improper or overshooting limb movements, vomiting, travel sickness, nausea, improper coordination of speech are also the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis. Moreover, loss of sense of smell and taste, respiratory issues, swallowing problems, sleeping disorders, unsuitably temperature fall of body parts, stomach acid starts to cause damage, sudden loss of awareness are some of the other Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis.

If any of the symptoms are developed, one must see the doctor immediately for further diagnosis and timely cure. Moreover, as a number of these symptoms are also the symptoms of many other diseases and also are diseases themselves, if someone has any one or even a number of these Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis, it doesn’t necessarily mean he/ she is Multiple Sclerosis patient.