Available is a door that are said to have a pre-hung option. This is a door that is hanging in its frame. This kind of a door can well be used as an interior glass door because of the easiness with which it can be installed. The door can easily be customized to your specification. It allows you to make modification and combine each of its components in a way you like.

The door that is an interior pre-hanging assembly has a solid wood jambs 4-9/16’’ or 5-1/4’’ this does not however preclude other sizes. It can be customized to your specifications. The doors come with 3.5’’ x 3.5’’ inches or 4’’ x 4’’, and are made from Bronze, Brass or Zinc. It is recommended to have three inches for 80’ inch door and four inches for 96 inch door. The recommended flush bolts to be used are Zinc, Bronze or Brass. An attempt to use other flush bolt may not yield the desired results. If the doors configuration is double, then 6’’ flush bolts must be used on the secondary door.

One of the advantages enjoyed by customers is that when they place an order for this interior door, the doors are shipped to you in a solid crate that is very secure. The crate is secure because of the way it is designed. The design ensures that the door is maximally protected and it will arrive at its destination in a very good condition. The freight companies chosen must be able to give the customers an online tracking system that ensures that each and every move made is closely monitored by the customer. The shipping is done to any physical address in the 48 continental United States.

It should be noted that pre-hang orders will have to be assembled at the buyers’ premises. This therefore means that the door will be knocked down in to pieces which will be delivered and assembled later. The doors are shipped in crated pallet to ensure that it is secure. The carriers have fully insured their vessels against water perils hence by extension covering the entire shipment. Once an order has been placed the shipment is done in a maximum period of 3 business days. Orders placed with pre- hung options are shipped within a period of three to four weeks.

The doors and their accessories come with a warranty. It is therefore upon the buyer to read the specific warranty for his product. If there are questions, the buyer is free to raise his concerns after reading the warranty details. The doors come in different series; there is the 910 series which retails at $600. The interior doors are made of Mahogany, Bamboo, and Knotty Alder hard woods. The customer has to choose the one he wants as he places the order. All the interior doors are FSC satisfied. You can also chose louver doors if the design impresses you. The doors are available in different sizes and the customer is free to choose among the already made door design or can equally give the specification as he places the order.