Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases across the globe and is caused by Neisseria gonorrhea bacterium. Irrespective of one’s locality, both the prevalence and the incidence rates of this infection are quite high which is mostly attributed to its prolonged asymptomatic stage in women. The disease is mostly spread through sexual contact and may also be passed from an infected mother to a newborn at the time of birth. In men, the symptoms manifests in 1-14 days but in women it may take a number of months before the signs and symptoms starts showing up. Some of the common symptoms include a burning sensation along the urinary tract, rashes and sores around the genitals, yellowish pus-like discharge and an itchy sensation around the anal region.

Being a bacterial infection, use of antibiotics has been a first line treatment regime for gonorrhea across the globe. However, not everyone fully recovers or responds positively to such antibiotics due to the high resistance of this bacterial strain. In case one gets infected by one of the highly resistant strains, use of antibiotics may proof futile. Such highly resistant Neisseria gonorrhea strains results from adaptive changes of the strains as well natural selection especially if that particular strain had failed to be completely eradicated during a past exposure to a particular antibiotic. To make matters worse, some strains have been reported to have multiple drug resistance trend which posses a great challenge in treating the infection.

To the solace of many victims, use of natural Gonorrhea treatment is proving to be quite effective nowadays. While the antibiotics only focuses on interfering with the biological morphology and biochemical processes carried out by this bacterium, most of the natural gonorrhea remedies will further boost the immune system, act as anti-inflammatory agents and also act as bactericidal and antiseptic agents. This combination makes them very effective in the eradication of Gonorrhea.

Some of the natural remedies that one can easily use at home under minimal or no supervision are:

Sour Sop: This is a type of fruit in the family of Annonaceae. When juiced or taken orally from processed extracts, it acts as a natural cure for inflammation which in turn promotes healing and prevents re-occurrence of the infection.

Mangosteen: Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) is known to have excellent antibacterial properties. This can be taken orally or used as drips in the genitals. Its use depends on how the extract is manufactured and its usage directions.

Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs Gonorrhea Treatments: Even though these two practices are highly rooted to traditional medicine, they are still eminent in the treatment of gonorrhea infection. Their use should however be under moderation.

Colloidal Silver Treatment: Colloidal silver suspension is one of the highly effective anti-inflammatory agents and is thus of paramount importance in the Gonorrhea treatment.

All in all, pharmaceutical antibiotic drugs used for Gonorrhea treatment should not be completely put aside. Some of these gonorrhea natural remedies promotes eradication of this gonococcal infection by stimulating the immune system and alleviating associated inflammation. This promotes healing and enhances complete eradication of the bacterium through the use of antibiotics which significantly reduces chances of transformation of the bacterial strain in question into a drug resistant strain.