Some Bad Habits That Can Cause Back Pain

If you’re suffering from back pain, find out if these are some of your bad habits that are causing you back pain or increasing the symptoms.

  • Sleeping on an old mattress:  The quality of a good mattress lasts about 8-10 years. And if you haven’t replaced your mattress in over 10 years, you’re likely damaging your spine. You need a mattress that is neither too hard nor too soft. While you get a mattress for you, make sure it’s the one that can be supportive to your back and is comfortable enough for you to get a quality rest time.
  • Carrying heavy Items: Carrying heavy items normally causes you to be off balanced and causes the spine to be curved.  Women are particularly common in carrying heavy bags while men with laptop etc but they often don’t realize the damage as its result unless get into severe pain. Medical rules describe that an item or bag shouldn’t be of more than 10% of your body weight otherwise you most likely are damaging your spine and causing a hurt to yourself.
  • Wrong Shoe Selection: The selection of shoe makes a vital role in saving or damaging your spine. Stilettos and all forms of high heels attain the publicity whereas flats could be just bad for you. Flat shoe tends not to be supportive to your foot correctly and forces you to constantly adjust your foot in your shoe, and so ends up with upsetting your body weight unevenly. Stilettos quite the opposite, force you to curve your back for balance putting avoidable stress on your joints.
  • Sitting All Time: People with desk jobs tend to get pack pain. Sitting all day may sound nice but it is hazardous for your back unless you maintain a precise and correct sitting posture for up to 8 hours a day and repeat the same for each working day.
  • Stress: Almost 90% physical problems increase with an important causative factor i.e. stress. It can cause your body to cunningly stiffen and the muscles in your neck and back don’t get a chance to loosen up.
  • Holding A Chip On Your Shoulder: Your emotions can cause your muscles become stiffen and leave you with pain. Research shows that persons practicing forgiveness have fewer feelings of misery, annoyance and physical twinges and pains.
  • Lacking Exercise And Poor Diet: People without exercising are more likely to get back pain than people with working out on a daily basis. Some exercises that strengthen your back and stomach are the best choices of reducing the chances of backache. Besides that, poor diet is one of the major causes of backache. Aside from hitting your back, poor diet can be harmful to your long-term health in lots of other ways.

By changing your habits, you can definitely avoid back pain. To further help yourself with back pain, read about The 7 Best Books for Back Pain – My Spine Hurts.