Android SmartWatchSearch engine giant, Google Inc. announced that it will be introducing its Android operating system for the tablets and telephones in the sector of wearable technology with the sole aim of marketing the first batch of Android smartwatches before this year draws to a close. The project was given the name of Android wear and the California-based company said that it will not just bring a new range of devices, but will also bring with it an expansive catalog of applications. The watches that will be launched under the project Android Wear will be able to offer plenty of information that will be relevant to the user.

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Apart from that, the watches will also display messages from chats and social networks and will also offer photos, news and sales notification. In addition, users will be able to use voice for operating the watches. The voice recognition system can be activated by speaking the words ‘Ok, Google’’ and then the device will be able to answer various questions. This function will also enable users to set a reminder alarm, call a taxi or even dictate messages. The preliminary version of Android Wear can be downloaded by software developers for the purpose of adapting it to the operating system for smartwatches.

However, the app for Android Wear programming is not available as yet. Google Inc. has also announced that it is working with different brands such as LG, HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Asus and also with chipmakers such as Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom, Mediatek and Imagination. Even fashion firms such as Fossil Group are working with Google for bringing watches later this year. In other smartwatch related news, Samsung will be releasing the sequel to its Galaxy Gear, which was based on Android. However, this time around, Samsung has changed operating systems to Tizen and will release the Gear 2 and also a Gear 2 Neo on April 11th, along with its latest flagship phone, the S5.

Furthermore, Motorola is also prepared to unveil its own brand of smartwatch to the world. The unique thing about this watch is that it does actually look like a watch. The promotional images of Motorola show a prototype that has a round screen and basically seems a digital version of the analog watch-face. However, these watches can accomplish a lot more such as giving directions, hailing a cab, tell the weather and also send and receive messages. Moto 360 is the name given to the watch and the company said that it will be launched this summer in a wide selection of styles.

LG has also announced the LG G Watch, which will be powered by Android OS, but said details will be released later this month. Analysts have said that Google is making it easier for developers to make apps for wearables, meaning it is readying up for another battle with Apple for the loyalty of app users. Rumors have said that Apple is also working on its own smartwatch, which it will launch later this year.