If you are trying to spy on your employees or anyone else, who is found cheating already, then Skype Spy Monitor will be best tool in 2013 to get the best results. Sometimes it is very necessary to spy on people. May be you are just looking after your spouse or children, so you have to do it. On the other hand, it will be a great tool for the people who are involved crime investigation. Skype Spy Monitor secretly saves all outgoing and incoming video, voice as well as text chats. It works as an intelligent Skype Monitor which can save the exact messages which will include not only names but also emails along with their timestamps of the chats. It will include complete conversation from the both ends. Skype Spy Monitor has ability to receive and record the entire conversation even user has disabled archive of the Skype’s History. Of course, it will be running in an invisible mode and user will never be able to figure out if something is working on the back end. You will be receiving all these messages through an email or you can set up web page and you can check them by opening that page.

Significant Features of Skype Spy Monitor

  • Skype Spy Monitor will be observing and saving every version of chat on Skype messenger. For video chats, it will keep on capturing snapshots of the screen after regular intervals. You will be allowed to setup the time interval to take these snapshots. It will be just working as hidden camera watching the screen of user’s computer.
  • It completely works in stealth mode. While running on Windows Operating System, it will not be showing up in the Task List. Definitely, it will not be showing up any icon on the screen and you can make it invisible in uninstall entry as well.
  • You have already made your monitoring invisible but if you are confident enough to unhide it then, you can make it password protected. You can apply some password so that no one will be able to check the recorded messages.
  • Skype Spy Monitor shows you the reports in HTML format so you should be able examine all the saved logs and reports on your local computer.
  • You can setup your Skype Spy Monitor to send the log reports after every hour to some FTP or Email server. It will compress the recorded files in a ZIP file which will significantly decrease the size of report. It will make the delivery of report pretty easy through email.
  • There is a Task Scheduler which is the essential part of this software application. You can schedule the tasks for Skype Spy Monitor to start the monitoring at different timings. Otherwise, simply set it up to start monitoring as soon as the Windows Operating System is started up.
  • This is very easy to use software application. You quickly install through its Start Wizard. It also has been provided with a Control Panel, which will help you to alter its settings.