Simple Tips to Make living with Dogs Easy

There are very few people who don’t want to have a pet. Perhaps those who are single, who live in apartments and who work and travel a lot will opt not to take on the responsibility of a dog or a cat. But for the most part, the love and affection, the fun and companionship that can be derived from having an animal in the house is something that people prefer to not live without. While cats tend to be clean and stand-offish, dogs are anything but. They like to dig, and bark and they shed hair. They can be quite a handful to have around, especially if you are something of a neat-freak. But it is still possible to live in a clean and ordered house and still get the love and affection of a dog. Here are a few simple tips to make sure that happens.

Access control

Make sure that your dog has access to where it needs to go but that off-limits areas stay that way. This can be very easily done with things like pet flaps. These trapdoors allow the animal easy passage from outside to inside or vice versa. It means that you don’t need to live with the door open all the time, which can be a real nuisance if it is cold or you are running an air-conditioner. Another great option is bifold doors Brisbane has several people who can install these. These doors can open completely or partially allowing enough space for an animal to move through but not a human. Or if you want to create complete freedom of movement for your dog, simply open it the whole way. Do beware though because the large expanses of glass in these doors can sometimes see dogs walking straight into the glass.


Any animal that is going to share a home with you needs to be regularly exercised. If this is something that you don’t have the time or capacity to do, then make sure that you hire a dog walker. An exercised dog will dig and mess less. It will also tend to do its ablutions while out, meaning that your yard will stay clean and free of flies and mess.


Make sure that your dog has a toy or two that it likes. If it doesn’t it will get bored and it will start to wreak havoc in ways that you will not be pleased about. Dogs that can keep themselves entertained will not dig or chew on shoes and furniture. So, shell out a bit on some toys and you will immediately find that you and your dog are getting on better.

Rules are rules

You must remember that as much as you share a house you are still the boss. You make the rules and the dog must follow them. If there are areas that are off-limits to the dog it must know. It should sit before eating and when you open a closed door it should follow you in and not barge past. Whatever the rules are, set them and enforce them. A dog with boundaries is a happier animal.