A virtual machine (VM) is an isolated software environment which acts on its own as if it is a real physical computer. A virtual machine has the same features and functions like a physical computer but with fewer problems because it has its own virtual memory (RAM, hard disk etc.). There are different softwares available that can be used to backupvirtual machine offline or on any online server. No operating system can detect the difference between a real physical computer and a virtual machine (VM) because VM is designed to replace traditional computers that have a lot of hardware on them. We use backup virtual machine softwares to make backup of the data on a virtual machine.

Virtual machines have a number of advantages over traditional computers. Just like a traditional computer, you can use x64 or x86 operating systems to meet your requirements. A single physical server with high specifications is created to supply enough amount of virtual memory to the virtual machines that are connected to the server. Despite the fact that all the virtual machines (VMs) are connected to the same server, they are completely isolated just like a traditional computer which is a good thing because there is no risk of being exposed to viruses and Trojans in other VMs. Every now and then we can backup virtual machine in order to save our important data on some external storage device.

Backup virtual machine softwares are used to create virtual disks up to 2 TB. You can create, import and modify the disk images on the virtual disks that hold your database. There are mainly two types of backup that you can make using backup virtual machine professional software. First is the traditional backup in which a backup client is deployed to every unit and automatic backups are made over the period. Then there is the consolidated backup in which SAN-based data transfer technology is used which is faster and more reliable than the normal data transfer.

Backup virtual machine softwares allow you to make either file based or image based backup. Image based backup is faster to restore and usually made on CDs. File based backup is useful for the people who have large databases and they can make backup on external storage devices e.g. hard disks. Virtual machines allow the user to choose from a wide variety of features that have a number of advantages over the traditional computers.