Shoes Women Should Pair With Business Suits

Working women are often worried about the tons of shoes they will have to buy. They need to buy shoes they can wear casually and those that can be paired with work suits. This can lead to huge expenses and not everyone has a budget that allows them to accomplish both goals. The good news is that there is no need to buy separate shoes for formal and casual wear. It is possible to create a completely fabulous shoe wardrobe by purchasing classic suits that can go with different fabrics and suits and make it easier for women to dress in the morning.

Moreover, buying minimal work shoes that can go with any skirt suit or pantsuit will leave you with some money for buying some after-work chic and trendy shoes. Here are some classic shoes that can be paired with business suits for a complete look:

  • The Pump

Considered an office staple, the basic black pump is deemed to be a classy addition to any wardrobe. You can buy a pair of shiny black pumps, which have a heel of about 1 ½ or 2 inch heel. Don’t get anything taller or else your feet will hurt at the end of a workday. Pumps can work with any type of pantsuit, whether it is wide leg, straight leg or trouser leg and they are considered quite stylish. Furthermore, black color can complement any suit, with only brown being the exception. Maintain the rubber sole, shine the shoe regularly and keep the pumps in a box when not being used.

  • The Peep Toe

While portraying a strictly professional look, women can show off a perfectly polished toe with these classy beauties. The heel of the peep toe is similar to the pump and only the toe section is missing. You can play with numerous accents as peep toe heels are both stylish and flirty. These include using different colors or getting intricate lacing or bows. Do go over the company’s policy before wearing peep toes to work.

  • Boots

An attractive pair of black boots allows women to walk right into winter and fall. The boots appropriate for the office can be of any height when pants are being worn and ankle-length when they are paired with skirts. The boots are considered ideal for chilly and cold weather because they provide protection from the elements. Boots having heels that are less than three inches is recommended as they can work throughout the day and are highly comfortable. Regular wipe-downs are needed for maintaining the exterior of the boots.

  • The Sling-Back

The sling-back heel is ideal for your spring suit wardrobe. The sling-back is elegant and classy, just like the pump, but can be worn in warmer weather as well. Get sling-back shoes in nude and black color because they will go with suits of every color that are worn during the spring and summer months.

These are some of the shoe types that go well with the business attire for women.