Shoes should not only be a fashion statement but comfort is equally important. Some brands lean mostly on fashion and style, while others lean on comfort and durability. Some simply incorporate the cheapest of materials to make it affordable, yet somewhat fashionable. I will take you through the brands that emphasize more on comfort in almost every style, form and size.

Naot is specially designed to support your weight and to give comfort to your feet when walking, running or just taking a stroll. For plus size women, this will be ideal as it supports and distributes your weight. They have a wide range of styles from sandals to boots, offering you both style and comfort. They are engineered to take the shape of your foot, which has the effect of balance.

Anne Klein has its shoes designed with soft, flexible leather; it actually feels good against your skin. You can wear them and spend the whole day in them and you will get any blisters, (that is if you wear the correct size. Most of all, it is very fashionable and the style reflects this well. Anne Klein is a good example of a brand that successfully combines comfort and fashion well.

Aerosoles are a common brand among women’s shoes. It might be because of their affordability, and comfort. Their style however is not that great as they seem to focus more on comfort and affordability. There is always a good find in the midst of their wide selection, though.

Stuart Weitzman is regarded as one of the best brands in terms of design, comfort and style. It’s pricey, but it’s worth that price. Good style always attracts a high price. Stuart Weitzman also has a large selection of style and sizes.  Sizes are available, from the plus size woman to the slim one, and from the larger foot to the narrow one. Even though it’s highly fashionable, it also has a high degree of comfort, even when it comes to heels.

Naturalizer is not new to many women, as there is a majority that are dedicated to this shoe brand. The brand embraces a larger age group as compared to other brands. They offer more style, although they will not rank top of the list when it comes to comfort. They do not stress more on cushioning like other comfort shoes. Naturalizer offers modern and stylish designs which may explain the popularity.

Born is specifically constructed and designed for comfort. You don’t need this article or anyone else to convince you. Just slip one on and you can feel that comfort. They are great for casual wear and more so if you spend the day on your feet. The cushioning and this kind of construction do make the shoes look bulky as compared to an average shoe, but the comfort is incomparable. When it comes down to style, a minimum effort was put in the design in that regard. Comfort, is clearly primary.