Virtualization technology is being widely adapted by a number of big organizations for its easy to use and amazing features. Virtualization technology is useful for power and land saving in organizations that do not have enough resources. In this technology we create an abstraction of a combination of hardware and software to reduce the cost of buying separate commuters. A virtual machine (VM) is created to control the individual computers using an abstract hardware that allows the virtual machine to act as if there were multiple computers. By using this technology we are able to run multiple operating systems on one system which could be really helpful because some operating systems are more safe but not as fast as the others. We can install operating system that suits our requirements. For example, Linux is an operating system that is known to be the safest of all so we can install it on our local server and on the rest of the computers we can install windows XP or windows 7 or any other we want.

Virtualization technology can be very helpful in organizations that have multiple servers that are not being fully used. Virtual machines can merge them into a single powerful server that would save your cost. This technology is also useful for testing and creating new softwares and applications because Virtualization allows you to create a virtual environment. Testing new softwares in such environment is safe because it does not damage or corrupt the current programs that run on the local server.
One of its great benefits is that you can make backup of the entire virtual machine as your local server is on a single files. This saves you the trouble of making backup whether online or offline. You can create backup of your whole server anytime you want and in case of any data loss all you have to do is replace the corrupted or incomplete data with the backup you made. Using Virtualization technology you can impart training and skill to your IT staff if you are running a proper business. You can create virtual environments that work and look like exactly the same as the original one and let the members of your IT staff do some practice. This is a great economical use of Virtualization technology as it gives the chance of innovation and development within an organization and motivates the workers to train without having the fear of making mistakes.