Shakira’s ex-boyfriend claims that he qualifies for a huge payout. In California, a law suit of $100 million has been filed against the small-sized singer Shakira. This suit was filed by Shakira’s ex-boyfriend Antonio de la Rúa who said that he was behind Shakira’s brand and made plethora of contributions in making her career and in famous hits like “Waka Waka” and “Hips do not lie”. But Shakira has been accused of not paying his due share as was promised by her during the period of their relationship which began in 2000.

The couple met with each other in 2000 while de la Rúa started to manage Shakira’s brand and other charitable causes in 2004. He also claimed that he took over many of the positions in board to manage her business and he was promised to get a percentage of profit in result of the partnership. He provided countless services to her business but he was not given the share he was entitled to.

In 2010, the couple decided to call it a day to their longtime relationship but Shakira did asked De la Rúa to continue their business relationship according to the court papers. Shakira mentioned the same on her website on 10th January, 2011 that “We continue to be partners in our business and professional lives.” But their business relationship also terminated in October, 2010 due to the crisis which happened with Live Nation, Shakira’s promoter.

De La Rua filed the suit against Shakira on April 12. Initially he had filed a suit of $250 against the star in New York and this suit was filed in last November. In reply, Shakira filed a motion on 28th March in which she requested the court to dismiss the case because he had no influence on her and she also said that De La Rua had been unsuccessful in showing an actionable claim.