Separation Anxiety: How to Ease the Dreaded First Day

Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The pride you feel when your child begins school is not easily described as is the separation anxiety you and your child feel at being apart. Whether your child is attending a school such as a Cedar Park Montessori in Austin or a public school, the fear they (and you) experience is real, but there are ways to ease the anxiety for both of you.

Prepare Your Child Ahead of Time

Before the dreaded first day, you can work on preparing your child for what school is like. You can introduce them to school-type activities such as drawing, story time, and counting. When they know what to expect, they less inclined to be anxious about the experience. You could take them on a tour of their school and let them meet their teacher. If they know who they will be with all day, the experience of separation won’t be as bad for them.

Prepare Yourself Ahead of Time

Just as your child needs to know what to expect, so do you. As a parent, the idea of entrusting your child to strangers is a hard one to swallow. To help ease the anxiety, meet with your child’s teacher before hand. Be sure to ask questions about schedules, volunteering, or whatever else may be of concern. The teacher won’t judge you or file you away as a hysterical parent.

Easy Transition the First Day

Saying goodbye the first day is a very emotional experience. Your child will take their cue from you, so try not to cry in front of them. Take the time and courage to walk your child to their classroom and reintroduce them to the teacher. Make certain that you say good-bye to your child. Don’t sneak away because eventually they will notice that you are gone and may not deal well with be left,as they see it,alone .

Remember that the anxiety will ease as the days go by. Eventually your child will head off with no tears and so will you. The emotions that you are both feeling are completely normal. With time and understanding, the anxiety will go away and everything will settle into a routine. Always remember that your child is looking to you to show them how to react to situations. By displaying as much calm as you can muster, you will help your child to become well adjusted to school without fear.