Selfie Sticks; Taking Selfies has Never been Easier
Image courtesy of Oleg Dulin via Flickr

Some of you may think that a selfie stick is a frivolous and unnecessary device and using it makes you a bit weird. Furthermore, why should you bother buying a selfie stick when you can take pictures with your smartphone anyway? Well, the selfie stick can offer you a lot more than it seems. You will be surprised at how light and small the selfie is and when you finally use it for the first time, then you will realize what the hype is all about. The selfie stick opens up a huge array of possibilities for taking group shots and selfies.

There are some features of this unique device that give it the versatility and benefits it provides to people. Some of these innovative and handy features are outlined below:

Light and compact

The beauty of selfie sticks lies in the fact that you can take them wherever you go. You will have absolutely no trouble carrying it because it is extremely portable, compact and lightweight. The stick can fit comfortably in your palm, pocket or bag. The weight of the selfie stick is not more than a tablet or smartphone that’s available these days. While traveling around, you can easily use selfie sticks for posting on social media and sharing your memorable moments for your friends too.


Another important feature of the selfie stick is its compatibility with all cameras and phones available nowadays. Regardless of the shape, size and OS of your device, it will have absolutely no trouble in fitting in the extendable phone bracket of the selfie stick. From the smallest to the largest device, the selfie stick’s phone bracket will clamp down on your device and grip it tightly. The phone bracket is also removable, which allows you to mount your camera on the stick if you want.


Another feature of the selfie stick is its ability of shooting from any angle as it can be adjusted easily. Different rotations are possible with the stick so you can twist, turn or tilt your device any way you like. You don’t have to worry about getting the perfect shot any longer because the stick supports any orientation. There are also knobs on the selfie stick that allow you to keep your phone in place once you have made adjustments to it.


The selfie stick has an extendable design, which means that you can extend the monopod to your desired length or distance for taking the ideal shot. Whether it is large group shots or full body selfies, you will have no problems in capturing the right moment. The selfie stick can also be extended for more than 100 cm so you don’t have to crop out anyone from a group selfie.

Soft Rubber Grip

There are rubber sleeves at the end of the selfie stick, which makes it comfortable for you to hold and grip. It is also water-resistant and removable. There are also colors available in the rubber sleeves so you can choose whatever appeals to you.

Along with these features, there is also Bluetooth remote control that can be used for taking a shot remotely when you are ready.