There can be a lot of advices surrounding you if you ask around about the best way to backup windows server. The solution is simple because all you have to do is make a good selection of the backup and recovery software and schedule or monitor it with care. But this could be simple to explain but not that easy to do in real. The selection of software is very hard because when you gather information about the softwares available in the market you have to come across all the limitations of the software and its benefits. Some of them lack the basic functions like being comfortable with the level of transactions in the business so they should be ruled out in the initial stages because they would not be able to backup windows server in the first place.

While choosing the software to backup windows server you should have the complete demonstration of the software and be familiar with its working. The software owners can arrange visits to the organizations that are currently running the software which will be a great way to understand its working. With that demo you can calculate the amount of resources needed to run the software and its problems on the organization level. Good software does not meddle with the other processes and runs in the background. Some of the softwares are made to back up on the basis of the schedule. This used to be a good technique when there used to be no concept of real time backup. Scheduled backups are outdated due to the gap between the two dates so to backup windows server we cannot risk losing that much data. A lot of new data is created between two dates so all that would not be backed up in case of a scheduled backup. In real time backup, the files of the server are constantly backed up on the backup server. This means that there is either no gap or a very little gap. Some of the softwares are designed to handle low resources so they backup windows server when there is low usage of resources and stop the process when resources start to be used somewhere else. In this way they manage their way out quite easily.

While selecting the software you should also evaluate the encryption techniques in that software so that files are safe in the offline mode.  You should also evaluate the compression method and level in the software.