SecureTribe: Enjoy Modern Social Networking with Security

A social network that has a streamlined, user-friendly and beautiful interface and also keeps your privacy in mind is none other than SecureTribe. Yes, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are immensely popular, but all these platforms are not as secure as SecureTribe. This is a modern social network that has been designed with end-to-end encryption from the ground up and allows you to share your photos and even HD videos with your friends, family and loved ones without the risk of getting them hacked. Even if someone gains access to the servers, your content will stay encrypted so there will be no threat at all.

You can chat and connect with your friends, colleagues and family at any time and since it is easy to use, it doesn’t take a lot of time for you to master the use of SecureTribe. Photos and videos can be rated and liked by people you have authorized to be part of your Tribe. There are two kinds of Tribes that can be created on this app. First, there are Private Tribes that can be customized according to your preference. You can have a separate ‘tribe’ for your office people, your family members and your friends. Even friends from different places can be divided into separate tribes.

Only when you send them a graphic invitation, people will be able to become members of your Tribe. The best part is that unless you authorize someone by issuing an invitation, they will not even know the tribe exists at all. Unless you give permission, your content cannot be shared with anyone. If you do want to share the content you have posted such as in the case of artists who want to share their paintings or photographs or musicians and bands that wish to share their songs and videos, they can create Public Tribes.

Since they are Public ones, the content shared on these tribes can be viewed by anyone part of the SecureTribe community. They can rate and like the content posted. As a matter of fact, subscriptions to content can also be created on SecureTribe. As far as Private Tribes are concerned, you can chat with those who are part of your Tribe through the built-in feature provided. You can invite friends to view your Tribes and you can view theirs once they invite you. All the while, your content remains encrypted and secure, but without any complexities.