Second Hand Furniture for Your BedroomsCredit: BedroomDesignCatalog

It’s not always a good idea to buy brand new antique furniture for a bedroom. While they can be well-manufactured and sturdy, some people just like an older style and in most cases this is not available any more. Even if there is some sort of classic look, it is usually too generic and doesn’t really look the same as a real antique piece of furniture.

This is why it is a good idea to look around in second hand furniture stores to get the items that you want. Not only will you have many pieces for cheaper than you would expect at a high street store, but you will also have access to a range of objects from all different decades throughout the 20th century. In some cases, you might even be lucky enough to get a piece of second hand furniture from the 19th century in one of the older Victorian or Edwardian buildings.

Taking Care of Your Furniture

When you bring your new piece of furniture home for your bedroom, make sure you take care of it in the right way. You should make certain that there is no mould or mildew on the item, because this can spread around your home. When you bring it home, depending on its age and the material it is made from, you should clean it thoroughly in an outdoor area first. Use water and light detergent so as not to damage any of the materials. Have a professional look at your piece too and see if there is evidence of wood-borers or moths. These can spread to your home and cause havoc, so be careful.

You should regularly clean your second hand furniture, but never use harsh chemicals or detergent as this could peel off the outer coating or the paint and damage it. Make sure you also keep your furniture out of direct sunlight or away from open windows and draughty areas, where dust build-up can damage the surface. Sunlight and harmful UV rays can also damage the paint or varnish on the surface of the furniture.

Children and Pets with Antique Furniture

You may want to protect the rooms that contain your antique furniture from access to children and pets. It’s often difficult to control what animals do and children left unsupervised can cause damage to valuable furniture items. If your antique items are meant to be for entertaining then you should just keep this room closed when there are no guests over at the house.

When you take care of your second hand furniture well, you are ensuring that it will remain for a long time and be useful not just for you, but for your children. Some antique pieces have already lasted many generations and with a bit of care and time you can make them last for a lot longer!