Savor your Tobacco Treat by Choosing the Right Cigar Lighter

Although, there are many people who still go by the notion that a cigar can only be lit properly by a match, but with time cigar aficionados have realized the importance of having a cigar lighter as one of the essential accessory.

Every cigar enthusiast knows that using the right cigar lighter can give them an enjoyable smoking experience. Lighting a cigar is more of a ritual for people who take pleasure in cigar smoking. There are several types of cigar lighters available in the market that comes in several shapes and sizes. Before, discussing about those types let’s first understand the importance of using a good cigar lighter.

Need to Have the Right Cigar Lighter

Many people erroneously consider cigars to be the same as cigarettes. Although, both contain tobacco, however, cigar tobacco is much coarser and moister than cigarette tobacco. Thus, a cigar tobacco requires a hotter flame to burn perfectly. Therefore, igniting the cigar tobacco plays a vital role in providing you with maximum satisfaction from cigar smoking. For that reason, it is imperative to light the cigar with the right lighter.

Finding the Right Cigar Lighter

Finding the cigar lighter that suits your needs the best can be challenging. There are different cigar lighters that are available in a variety of styles, and sizes. But prior to purchasing one, you need to understand the basic differences among these diminutive combustible devices. Propane and butane are the two types of liquefied gas that are being used for lighting a cigar.

Butane lighter is mainly popular amongst pipe tobacco smokers, as they produce hotter flame that is required for evenly distributed tobacco ignition. A keen stogie lover, on the other hand, prefers using propane lighter. This is because a propane-based lighter helps in producing even better flame. Besides, propane lighter is pretty convenient to use and easy to carry compared to the wooden cigar matches.

Another factor that you must consider before a cigar is to pick a lighter, which comes with a sparker. A sparker is a component present on the top of the lighter, which helps in producing the spark required to light a perfect flame. Moreover, a lighting application having a sparker is safer than those without this component.

There are two types of lighters that are available in the market and used by most of the smokers. For years, Zippo lighter was the one preferred by many stogie lovers. But it didn’t take long for Torch lighters to gain popularity over the Zippo lighters.

What Else

Cigar lighters are not the luxury items that are being used only for lighting stogies. But, there are various other applications wherein prove to be quite useful – be it a gas appliance, grills, or a candle etc. Remember everything comes with a price. Same is the case with cigar and cigar accessories. But, shopping online can help you get a better bargain that retail outlets won’t offer.


So, if you happen to be an avid cigar smoker and want to have a satisfying smoking experience and the delight of enjoying your favorite tobacco, you can follow the aforementioned simple suggestions.

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