Samsung Reigns in the Theatrics for S5

A lot of singing and dancing should not be expected when Samsung Electronics, the South Korean manufacturer, currently dominating the smartphone market, finally introduces the next generation of its flagship smartphone this month, the Galaxy S5. It was last year in March when Samsung showed off its current flagships smartphone titled the Galaxy S4 in a glitzy gala at Radio City Music Hall in New York and termed it as the ‘next big thing’. However, as compared to the expectations of the analysts, the Galaxy S4 seems to have underperformed and Apple, the company’s archrival seems to have regained ground in recent months as far as the premium end of the smartphone market.

Therefore, this time around, the South Korean firm is planning a relatively low-key event for the launch of its Galaxy S5. This information has been revealed by a person in the smartphone industry who is knowledgeable about these plans. Hence, in order to keep with the setting that will indicate more business than Broadway; the company has chosen a trade show that’s called the Mobile World Congress, which will be held in Barcelona. Invitations to the event were sent by Samsung to journalists and others during this week.

The invitations were billed as ‘2014 Episode 1’ in its ‘Unpacked’ series of product launches. There has also been considerable speculation that the South Korean giant might choose to depart from its Galaxy name for its latest flagship smartphone, but the invitation was titled ‘Unpacked 5’, which shows that there is a probability that the company has decided to stick to the nomenclature for at least another generation of its flagship smartphone. Individuals having knowledge of the plans provided confirmation that the upcoming handset would indeed be called the Galaxy S5.

It seems that Samsung wants to play safer this time around because there were some features of the Galaxy S4 that were disparaged by the critics as gimmicky such as its Air View feature, which allows the users to answer phone calls by waving a hand above it. While the Galaxy S5 will boast design enhancements and some other improvements in the upcoming device, the company is counting on several other features such as the expected new version of its security software Knox for enhancing the appeal of its devices to audiences that are relatively untapped such as business users. Analysts have said that meaningful innovation is required and it will be the design and useful features that will lock in consumers.

There has been lots of speculations that the Galaxy S5 will boast some new technologies such as eye scanner that would enable the phone to identify the owner and a Quad HD display that would have ultra-high resolution. Individual with knowledge of these plans said that these features will not be included in the S5, which will have a better processor and an improved camera. Other introductions will also be made by Samsung at the event, including an upgrade to its Galaxy Gear smartphone, which it started selling last Autumn.