Samsung Adds Biometrics to Latest Galaxy Smartphone

South Korean manufacturer, Samsung Electronics has announced that the latest iteration of its Galaxy smartphone range will offer biometric security. In a way that’s similar to Apple’s iPhone 5, the main button that’s on the front of the device will also act as a fingerprint scanner and will be used for unlocking the device. The latest flagship smartphone of the company, S5 will be available in April and is also said to be dust and water resistant. Samsung, which is also the market leader in worldwide smartphone sales, also claimed that they have managed to make the world’s fastest autofocus camera, which is included in the S5.

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Apart from the two smartwatches that were announced by the company, the Gear and Gear 2 Neo, the South Korean firm has also added a smartband called Gear Fit, which is focused on fitness. At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, security seems to be a very important and major theme. Earlier on Monday, Silent Circle launched the Blackphone, which comprises of a range of specialized security applications that are focused on providing encrypted communication. As far as Samsung is concerned, applause was provoked from those in attendance because of security features at its characteristically-flamboyant launching event at the MWC in Barcelona, Spain.

Not only will the fingerprint canner unlock the device, but it can also be used for making power payments. Payment-by-finger is offered by Samsung through its partnership with PayPal. Private mode can also be enabled with the scanner and it is a way of storing information that can only be accessed through the use of the scanner. According to some, consumers who have security worries might view this new technological payment method as suspicious. However, on the plus side, Samsung is a very popular smartphone brand and has global reach whereas PayPal is considered to be a trusted payment service provider. This gives rise to a powerful combination.

The device’s black and white mode was another feature that seemed to impress the crowd. This feature has been designed to save the battery life of the phone by restricting the power that’s used by the screen and involves disabling everything except for essential features such as calls and text. Some experts were of the opinion that the South Korean giant has cherry-picked the most crowd pleasing features that are provided by other manufacturers. For instance, the new device has a dust and water resistant body like Sony’s Xperia Z, a fingerprint ID sensor and a beautiful gold model like the iPhone 5s and photography credentials that can challenge the ones of Nokia.

Globally, Samsung remains the dominant player in the smartphone market, but it is facing a growing threat from emerging manufacturers. It was rumored that the company would drop Google’s Android OS in favor of a fledgling system called Tizen. But, the company seems to have stuck to Android in its smartphone and has opted for Tizen in its new smartwatches. This would be a relief for Google because its Samsung’s marketshare that gives Android its popularity.