Virtualization technology has played an important role in bringing the industry to a whole new level. Gone are those days when it was almost impossible to create our own virtual server that could control all the computers in an organization. People had to buy separate internet connections for every computer available for office use. Nowadays, we can use data storage Virtualization to allocate hard disk space to every computer as much as we want. Life of a normal sized hard disk is not so long because it becomes unusable after power fluctuation incidents so there is a great risk involved because the database of every business is extremely important for every employee who works for the business. This technology enables us to make backup of our database anytime we want on a virtual server provided by the company that virtualized our whole system. We can recover our latest database and settings and even operating system from the backup that we made using Virtualization.

Virtualization is also very important for small and mid-sized businesses as it saves the costs and provides the facilities in very reasonable price. It reduces the infrastructure costs and provides a ready to use structure for your business use. With this technology, it is possible to distribute the processing power of a highly specified computer that is to be used as a server to control all the computers in a network.
Server Virtualization is a good technique to distribute resources efficiently and instantly in an organization. In this technique, an administrator uses any software to divide the server resources to its local computers so that all of them can utilize the same resources in a virtual environment.  Virtualization in operating systems is a bit more useful and easy than the other types. In this technique, the administrator uses kernel and distribute the same rights and privileges to everyone connected to the virtual server. Using this technique, you do not have to install operating system on every computer but you just install one more operating systems on your server and all the computers use that operating system. This also helps your employees to use multiple softwares and application on their computers and it would not have been possible because every application is made for specific operating system. If your server is running on multiple operating systems, your employees will have a better chance of choosing from a wide variety of softwares for business use.