The CEO of Deep Silver, Klemens Kundratitz was speaking to the venture beat about the possibility of the films that will be based on Saints Row & Metro game franchises. Executive said that the company is trying to explore the trans media opportunities for its all franchises.

Kundratitz says that such types of films are not out of the question at all. If a company gets agree to deliver us that trans-media experience, we will definitely try our best to deliver that. We are ambitious and desirous enough to provide that.

The Koch Media, based in Germany, is not new to the film industry at all. He has bought the franchises of Saints Row and the Metro during bankruptcy of THQ. The auction of these franchises was being held in January when he quoted the highest bid and bought these franchises. This company has presented so many eminent films in the German theaters and the most appreciated film was Margin Call & Moon.

Koch media has great experience of publishing variety of films but company is still trying to pave more ways for itself and it will do it by adjusting one of its franchises of games for the purpose of big screens. Kundratitz stated that they have a long term goal of capitalizing on its transmedia opportunities. He also quoted that they have been remained unable still to deliver that trans-media experience but he looks it as an important strategic goal and he is ambitious enough to do that.

The work on Dead Island is also in the process. After releasing the game in 2011, Lionsgate publicized that the interest in IP was flashed by the CGI trailer for the game and this trailer was released in February of that year. Lionsgate stated that the film will be based on the human emotions and the families tie.