Romantic Gestures that Say ‘I Love You’

They say that saying something frequently may take away its impact. You don’t want that to happen when you confess your love for your partner. But, if you don’t say you love them, how will they know? This creates a dilemma. Luckily, there is a fix. Who says you have to use the words every time you want to show how you feel? There are possibly hundreds of things you could do for your significant other to convey your feelings to them. These simple romantic gestures are the best way for you to say ‘I Love You’ to your partner without actually having to say the words out loud. Want to know what these gestures are? Read on to find out:

  • Make them breakfast in bed

One of the easiest ways you can show you care is by pampering your loved one. If they have been working really hard, you can make an effort to cook them breakfast and serve it in bed. Aren’t they going to be surprised when they get up and are given their favorite breakfast right there in bed? They are going to feel loved and cherished when you do this for them.

  • Send them a love note

Of course, those times are gone when you could actually send a note. These days, technology has made things much simpler. If you miss them during the day, you can simply send them a lovey dovey email. You can use an image or a quote to express your love or even send them a tune if you want. It is going to make them smile.

  • Compliment them in front of others

You may have your differences, but complimenting your partner in front of others and pointing out their qualities is going to show that you really admire, love and respect them. They are going to feel proud and humbled at the same time as they realize that you love them despite their flaws. It is one of the simplest and sweetest things you can do for your partner.

  • Use music for sharing your feelings

Instead of using your own words, why not use that of others? Songs are one of the best ways of telling your significant other how you feel. Find a song with lyrics that convey your feelings in the best possible way. It doesn’t have to be a single song; you can combine several and create a modern version of a mixed tape and then load it onto their iPod. They can listen to it on their way to work and realize how you feel.

  • Buy them something

Giving gifts is one of the most popular acts of showing someone how much you love them. Remember that the price of the gift is not going to make a difference; it is the thought that counts. You can get something simple like flowers or even cake. If you want to go higher, you can buy a sentimental gift like a card or a picture frame that displays a photo of you two together. It is also an option for you to get them something they have wanted. This will show that you pay attention to their wants and needs.

  • Do things for them

You can run their errands for them or do their chores in order to lighten their load and give them time to relax. They are going to be grateful and pleased that you were willing to sacrifice your own time for their benefit and will feel loved. Also, they are going to value what you do and love you the same way.