Richard LeParmentier was a great actor and he had done a lot of films and TV roles. But this man always remained in connection with the Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope. The actor was found dead on Tuesday. He was at the age of 66 when he died.

He was divorced by Superman actress Sarah Douglas.

When the media people talked to his children, they said that whenever they will find someone’s lack of faith disturbing the memories of their father will definitely come to their mind. LeParmentier was used to live in Bath, England but at the time of death he was with his family. His family was living in Austin, Texas.

His children were thankful for the fans who posted their loving and praying messages for the Richard LeParmentier. His children said that he was a man of force even at the age of 66. He was quite ambitious towards his work. He was used to have travelling because he wanted to meet his fans of Star Wars and his love for his fans was matchless. His lines had a great power for his friends and fans in the universe. We are grateful to you (fans) because you showed a great love and respect for our father.

J.J. Abrams said that Richard was a very talented person who did a lot of projects and he worked for decades. His work shows his hard work and devotion toward this field. He had completed another draft of his work before two days of his death. Although he has gone to the Stars and nobody who goes there can be brought back but we will love and miss him always. And we will keep praying for him always. Thanks to everyone for his love and concern.