Revenge's Nolan Ross’ Spinoff Theories

Revenge finally came to a close on Sunday, May 10th, which should have meant that Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) should have retired her deadly red Sharpie. Instead, the leading lady decided to pass off her vengeance-seeking torch to none other than her sometimes partner in crime and good friend, Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann). That’s right. The final episode ended with Nolan becoming the new Ems, even though it had been initially predicted that Charlotte Clarke (Christa B. Allen) would catch the revenge bug from her half-sister. In the last scene of the series finale, Two Graves, our favorite hacker is visited by someone who is in the mood to avenge his mother’s name.

His mother had been convicted of a crime, which, allegedly, she didn’t commit and her son showed up at Nolan’s bar, searching for the tech genius who could help him in his mission for revenge. The desperate character announces that he had been sent by Amanda Clarke. Previously, Nolan had divulged his concern to Emily that his life would be virtually empty after revenge was done so our genius is definitely pleased with this opening. Before the series finale aired, the show runner Sunil Nayar had teased that the final installment of Revenge would feature a ‘surprising cliffhanger’, which could have been a springboard for Season 5.

He revealed that the cliffhanger would have initiated a new Revenge for the fifth season, but unfortunately, the series had been canceled in April, just two episodes before the finale of season 4. Although there is not going to be another installment of the fascinating and riveting drama, the cliffhanger of Nolan’s story has led fans to wonder if a potential spinoff starring everyone’s favorite billionaire, Nolan Ross, could be in the works. While there has been no news, the showrunner did say that people shouldn’t completely lose hope for a sequel.

The executive producer said that while upcoming drama ‘Kingmakers’ wasn’t a direct sequel of Revenge, which is a story of a boy trying to avenge his sister’s death, it is possible that some of the Hamptonites may star in the new series. He said that the new show had the passion and blood hardwired, but so far so characters of Revenge have been included, but that didn’t mean it couldn’t happen. It is possible that Nolan could work alongside Eli (Gus Halper), the scorned protagonist in Kingmakers who takes up a new identity for investigating his sister’s mysterious demise.

Nolan would be the best possible sidekick; after all he learned from the best. So, our tech genius may need to give some tips to Eli that will help him in his revengenda. Nolan has become a favorite character of fans in the past four seasons of Revenge as he is one-half of the team. There could be no Emily Thorne without Nolan Ross. But, he could definitely go solo in the justice-seeking department and he can incorporate snark where needed with his sharp lines and his unique dressing. There is no denying that the world needs more Nolan.