With the arrival of financing, accounting and all types of softwares, it has now become easy to keep records of employees, their wages, salaries and other financial information. However, it still requires some degree of responsibility from the workers in the payroll department to keep things accurate and current in order to meet the legal requirements pertaining to the salaries and tax withholdings of employees. Just like any other job in the world, payroll departments must also be keen about various major and minor details while handling the financial records of the employees working for a company.

While it is important for payroll departments to keep a record of every small and major activity of the employees that affect the payroll, it is even more important to record it in time. This must not be forgotten that the employers are not only required by the government to follow the strict laws pertaining to the wages and salaries of the employees but the enforcement of these laws is an ethical responsibility of the employer as well. The payroll work can be classified into different categories, each related to the payroll of the employee and keeping proper record of all financial records.

An important thing to note here is that not all employees, in fact many of them, are not aware of the laws affecting their salary slips. Even if they do know about these laws, they know only a little. It is the responsibility of the payroll department to send out the required documents and detailed records of salaries in pay-slips to all the employees at the time of salary payment. The information on these slips and documents should be accurate and simple enough for every employee to understand. The employees must know where there money is going and why some money is being deducted from their salaries.

Not keeping the current records of the employees can get the employer as well as the employee in trouble. The employee can get in trouble later on for not paying income tax and other taxes while the employer will be fined and punished for not complying with the laws pertaining to the matter. All the reports regarding withholding taxes, wages, salaries, bonuses, commissions, social security tax, medicare tax etc. must be sent to the relevant agencies. With softwares making things easier than ever before, the payroll departments should not have any problems in keeping a record of these things. These softwares can create automatic reports so keeping the employees informed about their taxes and deductions is easy too.