JavaRa is a tool, created by Paul McLain with help from Fred de Vries, with a very small size that helps you to remove any old versions of Java Runtime Environment that might be present on your hard drive without serving any purpose. There are several reasons for anyone to use JavaRa most important of which is to get rid of files that are occupying your hard drive space for no reason.

Functionality Of JavaRa Software

JavaRA could be easily downloaded from various file sharing websites for no cost to pay at all. Java as you’re already aware is needed to run several web applications including the online games, chat softwares, programs and much more. Without the latest version of JRE (Java Runtime Environment) you might not be able to open and run the latest Java applications properly or at all.


• It is free.
• It is easy to install and work with.
• Saves hard disk space by removing unnecessary files.
• Does its job quickly and without any intricate methods at all – just one click.
• Keeps your computer safe from old files which might get corrupted otherwise.


There is apparently no disadvantage of this tool but we could argue that Sun Microsystems could include this feature or removing old versions and files with the installation of latest version by default rather than requiring another tool to do it.

A Few Words About The Working Of JavaRa:

JavaRa is easy to download, small in size and easy to use software. Java requires you to update the JRE frequently with bugs fixing, modifications and use of latest technology in the newer versions. Latest applets or applications that run on Java might not work properly if you have older versions. However, when you upgrade to newer versions the old version and the related files are left behind occupying space on your computer. If these files are not removed they might cause problems in the latest JRE or even get corrupted if left unused for very long. There are occasions when your JRE even creates some temporary files in your Windows folder but these files are not necessary at all. The software removes them too.

When you run it, the first thing it does is check if you already have the latest version and if not, it will automatically start downloading the newest version and then remove the old ones. Once again, all of this is done by clicking just one button instead of searching for files and logs manually which could take hours.

Using JavaRa:

Once installed and double clicked, the software does its work automatically. Any temporary and log files are removed with a special button named “remove useless files”.

Using Command Line Parameters Of JavaRA:

When you right click on the software’s icon you will see the option for “properties”. Go into the properties and look for a box that you will find under the tab named “shortcut”. You can enter commands here – some of the commands you can use are as under:

-runsilent, -r, –runsilent – This command will run the program in the background quietly.
–purgefiles, -p   – Performs the function of “remove useless files”.


To save some space on your hard drive and get rid of files that are open to corruption and other vulnerabilities, it is recommended that you download JavaRa for free today.