Legend of Korra completed its fabulous debut on Nickelodeon last year. Now is the time to making announcements on the details regarding the Book One DVD and the Blue Ray for the highly famous follow-up series.

There is an announcement for the fans that they are going to be able to get The Legend of Korra on 9th July 2013. It will involve all the 12 episodes of the series in it. It will be a treat for fans actually. It is said that it is going to score the first TV series that Nickelodeon will ever release and the Blue Ray of it will possess some particular features like:

  • It will have audio commentaries from the series creators, crew and the cast for all twelve episodes of the series.
  • It will also involve the favorite scenes of the series creators. For example, Eight Animatics.
  • But it has been told that there will be selected audio commentaries on the DVD and in case of Blue Ray, the commentaries will be available in every episode. A special and appreciating feature will be available too for DVD and Blue Ray. This feature is
  • The Legend of Puppet bender presents the Making of a Legend: untold story.” This original short has been added in the DVD and the Blue Ray.

The people who are crazy and the die heart fan of The Legend of Korra Book One: Air, they should place an order for this series before time. You can even have a look of the debut cover art of The Legend of Korra Book One: Air online that has been released for the DVD and the Blue Ray which is going to shake your head.