Raise a Glass to Katherine Pierce - 100th Episode of the Vampire Diaries

Even though it is 100 episodes in, it seems that The Vampire Diaries still has the power to shake our very foundation. Since its premier in 2009, the TV show has made it to its fifth season and celebrated its 100th episode on 23rd, January 2014, after returning from a break. Called 500 Years of Solitude, this was basically a Katherine-centric episode that not only paid tribute to her convoluted mythology and her character, but also included the different characters that have weaved in and out for the past few years. It was amazing how they brought so many characters back.

Bringing Rebekah and Klaus was fun without any complications as they are on a companion series. However, as the hour progressed, we were able to see one face after the other, mostly those who have died along the way. The logistics were very impressive as characters like Jenna, John and Elijah were included as Damon induced hallucinations as a way to torment Katherine while Alaric and Vicki were able to come in because of Jeremy’s and Bonnie’s abilities to communicate with the dead. It was a very touching scene and when they popped up one after the other including Tyler.

As for Katherine, the entire episode was dedicated to her farewell with a surreal touch due to flashbacks and Stefan and Damon spoke to her while in her memories. Katherine was a major villain, but Stefan said that she was also sad because so much had been taken from her including her baby and her family. It was a nice way to show how tragedy had shaped her into what she was. Meanwhile, it was also effective and funny to see Damon make everyone recount the terrible things Katherine has done to them, especially the part where Caroline realizes how she is better off now because Katherine killed her.

The specific twist at the end was the only thing unfortunate as Katherine put herself into her doppelganger, Elena as a ‘passenger’ after refusing to move into her daughter, Nadia’s body. It was a truly shocking moment as Elena had just forgiven Katherine for her past sins and Katherine turned around and pulled another one. Apart from that, there was also time for some other relationship drama. Klaus and Caroline had romp in the woods, after Klaus said he would never see her again. Katherine brought up her feelings for Stefan and he was kind and understanding throughout the episode.

There were brotherly moments between Damon and Stefan where the latter gave the former some brotherly advice about Elena. Stefan did the same with Elena, after she apologized for being angry at him seeing as he slept with Katherine. Bonnie and Jeremy’s scandalous sex was also revealed to Caroline, who herself didn’t have the time to even brush her hair after her own scandalous sex, before she met her ex Tyler. All in all, in a season that has seem less focused as others, the episode stood out a fitting and amazing tribute to the show’s history.