The term Online Backup means making a backup copy of your data on an online server to recover it in case of any data loss. Making backup online saves you from a lot of trouble and it is more suitable way of making backup nowadays. It does not require any specific involvement of skill in the field of technology and computer science. In fact, making Online Backup is easier and safer than the traditional backup because the user does not have to take the pain of doing the steps manually. The most important advantage of the Online Backup is that files and folders are stored on a different location than the original database. If the original database gets modified or deleted, you can recover your original and most recent data from your backup that you made online.
Making backup online allows you to use file encryption feature that saves your database from hackers. File compression is also a useful tool to save the space that you are using on the internet server. Using file compression, you can compress your unimportant files and folders to reduce the disk space that they occupy. This is quite a useful tool as many websites that provide Online Backup charge directly on the basis of the size of the data so you can save some money using file compression. Making Online Backup saves you the cost of buying hard drives, DVDs, CDs or any kind of storage device that you want to use for backup. Your home computer might not be as safe as the external server that different websites offer so for the protection of your database, you have to make sure that the server is potentially strong and your database has no risk of being exposed to unknown people.

There are also some disadvantages of Online Backup which include slow transfer speed because there is a lot of difference between sharing on the internet and sharing on hard drives. There is a risk of unauthorized access to your data as you do not know and trust the website you are making backup on. The major drawback of making backup online is that you only get limited capacity and you have to pay for data storage that exceeds the specified limit. You need internet all the time to keep your backup updated but overall, backup that is made online is secure, convenient and reliable than the traditional backup.