Productive Things to Do in the Doctor’s Waiting Room You may arrive in time for your appointment with the doctor, but sometimes they are running behind due to other patients. There are plenty of reasons why you may have to wait at the doctor’s office for your turn. The average waiting time for a doctor’s appointment is around 20 minutes. This means you have some time on your hands, which some people use to complain to the receptionist or get stressed. Instead of doing this, there are some productive things that you can do when you are waiting at the doctor’s office. Some of these are:

Write down your concerns and questions

When you visit your doctor, it is easy to become confused and flustered. The extra time can be used to relax and think about your concerns. Write down your symptoms in as much detail as possible. Prepare questions that you may want to ask your doctor. This allows you to discuss everything with your doctor and nothing is left out.

De-stress and relax

Stress can actually worsen your problems. Rather than stewing about the extra waiting time, you need to de-stress and relax. There are magazines provided in the waiting room that you can read or you can also listen to music on your phone. Meditating with a phone app is another option and take deep calming breaths to keep your stress levels low.

Update your medical and contact information

While you are waiting at the doctor’s office, you can always check that the office has all your relevant, recent and potentially life-saving information about you. Things tend to change over time and it is best to keep the doctor’s office updated. Your primary and secondary insurance, current medication list, the phone number of your preferred pharmacy, medical history and known allergies are just some of the things that need to be updated.

Clean up your emails

When you have some free time at the doctor’s office, you can use it for catching up on your emails. Deleted any unwanted and old emails and remove yourself from any unwanted mailing lists. These are things that you don’t have time for during a normal day. When you de-clutter your inbox, you will feel better and be able to access important emails easily. You can also update your phone apps while waiting.

These productive activities can save you from boredom or stressing about your visit to the doctor.