Platform Bed – Add More Space to Your Room

A platform bed, otherwise known as a pedestal bed, is great if you need some extra storage space. This type of bed is a little higher from the floor than your standard type of bed, which allows you to effectively use under your bed as a storage space. While most people store things under their bed in the first place, a platform-style bed allows them to store even more.

Just about anyone needs extra space to store their extra belongings, especially these days where things just seem to be piling up in many households. Having the best platform bed is a great way to reduce clutter, especially if you combine them with plastic storage containers. A platform or pedestal-style bed is best used with storage containers and you can easily organize the belongs you would like to put away within the containers, then simply slide them under your bed. This can take a lot of the intimidation that many people feel about organizing and throw it right out of the window.

Some beds, such as water beds, are already considered to be pedestal beds because they are higher off of the ground than a normal bed. However, not everybody would like to sleep on a water bed. While below does provide some extra storage space (usually in the form of drawers), many people either do not find them comfortable or do not want to have to keep up with their regular maintenance. Overall, water beds do not offer as much space underneath as other kinds of platform-type beds because they must be supported underneath and use drawers, but it is something to keep in mind.

Because of their increased height, beds that are classified as being platform-style almost never use a box spring. This means that there is solid support underneath the mattress itself, which can be uncomfortable for many.

The box springs underneath your standard beds make it so that there is more leniency in the way the bed contours to your body. Without the box spring your mattress could be much more difficult to sleep comfortably on, as it will not be able to adjust like it would with a box spring. If this is a worry of yours, then you should lie on a bed at a mattress store that is on a pedestal frame in order to determine whether or not it will be a problem. Some people find it extremely uncomfortable, while others notice no difference at all.

If your attic or basement is getting full — or if you live in an apartment — and you seem to be running out of storage space, a platform bed may be the answer to getting your things organized and put away.