There is belief that life begins at 40. I am not sure why, but what I am sure about is that, this is the age where you have to make wise decisions on what you are going to wear when you walk out that front door. One thing you cannot afford to mess up is the shoe. Once you mess that up, your whole outfit is spoiled, let alone your self esteem. So what are the perfect shoes for a woman over 40? A comfortable yet elegant shoe is a perfect start when choosing the right shoe at your age. His is mainly because at that age, your feet have seen it all and suffered through the heels. Popular brands for a comfortable, yet trendy shoe will be Neutralizer, Easy Spirit and Clarks. You can find these in most forms and sizes. Leather is also suited to women in this age group, when kept neutral. I wouldn’t recommend summery colors but a few pairs will brighten up the wardrobe.

We all love heels, even women in their 40s. However, as much as many tend to be ignorant about the adverse effects of heels, they do hurt our ankles, feet and back in the long term. So why not put on heels that are comfortable and will not make that back pain worse. I am talking about Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden style of shoes. Comfortable, trendy, adds some height with reasonable support. As you grow older, the heel has to reduce in proportion with regard to stilettos. Remember, you are not trying to look like you are 40, but all you are doing is dressing up appropriately.

If you thought wedges were for the young ladies, you thought wrong. These shoes are comfortable heels that help support your feet and ankles even at the age of 40. Wedges not only offer comfort but they also give that sexy look with added height. Stay away from those knock offs in order to preserve your feet. You might have gotten away with it when you were young, but at the age of 40, your ankles are not as strong as before. The perfect shoe at 40 should not only be age appropriate, but support you and your weight safely.

Who said, looking good is all about heels? You can still pull it off in your flat sandals or booties. Selection of the right combination of colors and design will do the trick. Ballet shoes and boots are worth considering. They have the required flare and a timeless style. Look out for the youthful modern style for your shoes. Nobody has to guess that you are 40 simply by looking at your feet. A shoe that is appropriate for all ages is the perfect shoe for women over 40 and beyond.

Don’t change your look when you get to 40. Stick to what you already know suits you well. This in turn will help you in selecting the perfect shoes.