Per Wickstrom Teaching You Workplace Attitude Importance

At the work place it is important to have a positive attitude especially when you are a CEO of a drug rehab center like Per Wickstrom. Per Wickstrom is the CEO and founder of Best Drug Rehabilitation located in Manistee, Michigan. Being in a sensitive topic for discussion business, can be quite challenging for the employees you are looking to hire or those who are already working for you. The trick is to constantly keep these individuals motivated in order to have success within the company.

A drug rehab center’s success ties in with the clients overall success. If they aren’t successful with their recovery, then they wont refer Per Wickstrom and his rehab center, they will instead tell people in the Michigan area and all over social media how horrible the service is. That is why in order to avoid this type of conflict; Per Wickstrom constantly takes his time each day to motivate his employees that deal with these recovering addicts.

Your attitude as a worker at a rehab center is a factor on whether or not the company will be successful. The employees are around the clients on a 24/7 basis so if the employees are not in a good mood, their emotions reflect on the feeling of the client. Recovery is very difficult to undergo and as soon as the client who is very sensitive since they are drug free in an unfamiliar area. Recovery is successful when the client feels comfortable in the environment that they’re starting their recovery in.

Per Wickstrom is always willing to talk to each and every individual client that walks in to first find out the root of the problem. Basically by this Per Wickstrom means that he wants to find out why the individual started abusing drugs or alcohol in the first place. Every individual that consumes drugs or alcohol for the first time has some reason or mindset behind it. It can be due to posttraumatic stress or simply giving into peer pressure because you’re having a bad day.

Per Wickstrom’s reason for starting to consume substances was due to the fact that he had his first heartbreak at a young age when his girl friend started dating his best friend. He started with consuming alcohol then went to consuming marijuana and ended with crack cocaine and that’s when Per Wickstrom hit rock bottom and knew he needed a change. It is important to constantly have positive attitude in the work place and motivate each and every employee in order for it to reflect how the clients feel during their recovery.