Backup recovery generally means to build a secure and powerful tool to protect your database and other files by means of different techniques. Especially when the business is running at a large scale, it is good practice to make backup of the database to deal with any unforeseen event. Data loss could be very critical for the organization as its database contains everything that is necessary to keep its business running in the normal way. No matter how many precautions you take or how hard you try to keep your database safe and secure, things happen that are out of your control and your data is lost. For dealing with circumstances like this, we use backup recovery softwares. All you need to do is keep updating your database in the recovery module after specific intervals.There are mainly two types of backups that are known as physical backup and logical backup.
Physical backup means storing or copying your data to control files and data files. Physical backup is further divided into two categories namely image copies and propriety copies. In Image copy you have to copy everything as it is and there is no difference in the backup database and the original database. You can make image files of your database using softwares that come with the operating system or you can use third party softwares. You can write these image files to a DVD for future backup recovery. Logical backup contains data that is in the binary form and this is useful for importing it again into the system using utility softwares and so it is different from the original file.
Data is lost due to different reasons and before we start backup recovery, we must make sure that we know the exact reason of the data loss. Main causes of data losses are user errors and media failures. User error occurs due to fault in application command or a manual error made by the person who is controlling the database. This error can be minimized by imparting proper training and skill to the persons who are to control and maintain the database but cannot be completely avoided.While doing backup recovery, you have the options of recovering whole database backup or you can choose to recover selective and important data only.  Sometimes you may experience unknown problems while accessing your data and this is a hint that there might be something wrong with your hardware. Get your database and hardware checked by database professionals after regular intervals in order to have a secure and reliable database and backup.