Notable Benefits of FTP Hosting for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

FTP hosting has a lot of perks to offer a number of organizations, but none of them are set to gain as much as small and medium-sized businesses. We have all heard about how FTP hosting can be immensely useful for businesses in saving on direct costs because there is no expensive infrastructure to setup or invest in, but there are also some indirect benefits that can be enjoyed. What are they? Read on to find out as some notable benefits of FTP hosting are outlined below:

It helps in making the business more secure

There are a wide range of security features available to a business with FTP hosting such as in-transit and at-rest encryption. This ensures that information remains secure regardless of the location. It can be a huge boon because it helps a business in countering the devastating impacts associated with a data breach and can cost a lot of money for a business, if it is left unchecked.

It increases the accountability of employees

When you are using FTP hosting for your business, you don’t have to wonder when a file was accessed and from which location or who made changes to a document. Log functionality is a feature that’s offered by a number of FTP hosting providers and this will enable you to check who did what without the shadow of a doubt.

It eliminates any worries about maintenance

Partnering with an FTP hosting service provider gives a business the ability to access a plethora of third party maintenance services. This means that if something goes wrong, you don’t need to worry about it at all because someone else will be there to deal with the issue. A business doesn’t have to worry about keeping a member of your IT staff handy round the clock to ensure your website is up and running in case of a problem. Instead, this task will be handled by others and you don’t have to keep an in-house IT staff if you don’t feel like it.

It only requires you to pay for what you need

Another major advantage associated with FTP hosting is that scalability is inherent in its design. Thus, there is no need for a business to spend massive amounts of money on getting flash-based solid state drives or hard drives that will only be used till half capacity. With FTP hosting, you have the option of paying a fixed rate per month for the amount of space you need with no file size restrictions and unlimited bandwidth.

It helps in boosting employee productivity

There is no faster option for sharing files across a business than FTP hosting and it also streamlines the process of collaboration than any other method. Certain functions that have to be done manually in other technologies such as file uploads can be done automatically with FTP hosting and this frees up employees to do other tasks. Through productivity gains, FTP hosting can help your business in saving plenty of money.