Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles of this week shifted concentration back to Kraang after first run-in of Leonardo with Karai, the lethal kunoichi daughter of Shredder. “The Alien Agenda” started with Karai noticing of a back-street combat between Ninja Turtles and a few Kraang soldiers. As anticipated, when Leo learned that he was being observed by his crush, he immediately shifted to show mode, using all the finest kills from his own brothers and taking Raphael to edge.
Later, April was working on a school project. She sent her DNA to shiftily evil-sounding Global Genome Project. When she mysteriously visited her school, she encountered a “representative” of company, Miss Campbell, who was later recognized as another android of Kraang and attacked April. Fortunately, the Turtles came here to face off with her, who threw two rather inspiring elbow rockets in reprisal. After a super slick battle, Mikey doled out finisher with a fountain of water.
In the meantime, doubts of Leo were just further pushed when he met Karai to discuss Kraang. And it was the first time that anyone from Foot had been interested in Kraang’s dealings — though, with little more sinister purposes. While Karai seems to be justly loyal to the Shredder, there is no doubt that she is somewhat ready to walk the line with Leo and others. It was evinced at the last showdown with Kraang, in which Karai joined boys for a brief time to crash the genome lab. All were doing well together, until Karai artfully initiated the making of “Justin”, part jellyfish, part cat, part octopus, part crustacean, part cobra… thing. For Karai, it happened to be perfect time to bail, leaving Kraang and the Turtles to deal with patchwork mutant.
Owning up to failure, Leo gave the killer a final blow as he double-bladed his katanas, yoking electric shock of Justin and slingshotting it into the beast’s belly. The genome project intentions for future installments still remain unclear. What we get to know is that Kraang are gathering samples of DNA from every living on Earth, including humans – particularly of April’s. Back in the lair of Shredder, Karai came with an injured soldier of Kraang, letting Baxter Stockman settle Xever’s cybernetic suit. Just not that; Kraang are now on the radar of Shredder, thanks to Karai.