Businesses that have large databases normally prefer to install backup recovery softwares on their servers to make sure that they do not suffer from data loss that could hamper their flow of operations. They hire database administrators to prepare and maintain their databases and do the housekeeping tasks to keep the database fast and secure. The term backup recovery refers to the steps taken to copy the database to a safe location and make it ready for future use for recovery. Database handling is not a small task as the database contains large amount of scattered data. It is the job of database administrator to install proper database management software on the server to ensure the maximum possible security.

Sometimes data is so important that it cannot be replaced or recreated once it has been lost. Oracle database backup and recovery is famous backup recovery software that is being used by thousands of organizations to keep their database safe and secure. A hot backup or online backup is the one that is made while the database is running properly and there is no risk of data loss in the near future. As a prudent approach it is advised to make hot backup on regular intervals as to ensure recovery from the disaster. Opposite to hot backup there is cold or offline backup that is made when the database is shut down or it is made unavailable to its users. While making backup, one thing must be kept in mind that you must make backup of your most important data only and leave the unnecessary data to made backup file more portable and usable. This is mainly because of the reason that sometimes databases merge the data included in them and if you have made backup of whole data, there is a risk that you would lose your important stuff with the unnecessary stuff in case of data loss.
Backup recovery softwares bring quite useful features with them to make the software more useful. For example, if you are recovering your data from backup recovery software, you have the option of filtering specific types of files and recover only what you want. This is time saving and helps in recovering things quite easily and specifically. Some of the backup recovery softwares are freeware and some are for professional use for which you have to pay and buy the license to use the software. Recovery could be really useful if you have been updating your database with the passage of time because without the database, you have to start from scratch.