Natural Treatments For Digestion Problems

Digestive problems can occur amongst people for a wide array of reasons. Steroids, alcohol, recreational drugs and even antibiotics are some of the things that contribute to them. People tend to become susceptible to a number of intestinal problems when the good bacteria in their system are destroyed. Some digestive problems may also occur because of stress. People have the option of lessening their symptoms by adding some foods to their regular diet. While medications can be used for resolving some of these issues, it is better to use natural treatments because they are gentler and lead to better outcomes in the long term.

Bowel Problems

People should take fiber supplements or eat a diet that’s high in fiber when they are suffering from constipation. It is also recommended that they should drink lots of water. Apple juice also contains sorbitol, which plays the role of a laxative and is helpful. Slippery elm bark should be used in the case of diarrhea. 2 to 3 tablespoons of dried blueberries is also good enough. People can stay regular as long as they exercise regularly, drink plenty of water and eat a high fiber diet.


Indigestion can be relieved by individuals by drinking peppermint or chamomile tea. It may also be soothing for people to drink marshmallow tea that’s made from the herb of the same name. 1 tablespoon of marshmallow should be added to dried water and left to steep for 40 minutes. Relief can also be achieved by adding one or two teaspoons of slippery elm to your oatmeal. Heartburn can also be relieved if people eat sugar free gum for about half an hour after a meal because this increases saliva.


Eating a lot of vegetables and grains and bulking up your stools by taking fiber supplements is one of the first steps in eliminating hemorrhoids. It is easier to pass softer and larger stools and should not create problems for your hemorrhoids. People can also reduce swelling and get some immediate relief with the help of a salve made from horse chestnut or witch hazel. Hemorrhoids can also be soothed and healed by taking an herbal sitz bath with dried calendula flowers and dried comfrey leaves. Take four coups of boiling water and steep 4 tablespoons of both herbs for 30 minutes. The herbs should be strained and the mixture should be poured in a warm bath for soaking.


Motion sickness and nausea can be treated with the help of ginger. It can be added to a cup of hot tea. Some health food stores also sell crystallized ginger root candy.

Stress Reduction

As it is a major culprit in digestion problems, people can use yoga, massage and meditation or lowering their stress level. Regular exercise can also prove to be beneficial for them in this scenario.

Some digestive problems can also be an indicator of a serious condition so a specialist can be consulted if the problem doesn’t go away with these natural treatments and solutions.