The Spring/Summer 2010 collection launched by Mulberry showcased a Mulberry Alexa bags, which was named after the British broadcasting icon Alexa Chung. Mulberry Alexa collection includes satchels, handbags and briefcases. The inspiration for Mulberry Alexa collection came when the Mulberry designers saw Alexa Chung on a fashion magazine carrying an Elkington – the classic men’s handbag from Mulberry. Mulberry’s creative director Emma Hill was very impressed with this combination and she decided to design a line of bags that were inspired by Alexa, hence was born the Mulberry Alexa bags, going along with the Mulberry tradition of naming bags after iconic ladies. Proving Emma Hills’ strategies were right, nearly 400 Alexa bags were sold within one week, one bag costing over £750. Undoubtedly, Mulberry Alexa collection helped the brand to increase its profits, even during the time of heavy recession. The bag was initially made at the Mulberry factory in Somerset, but due to the high demand it caught up within no time, the production had to be moved abroad.

According to Emma Hill, Alexa bags are very adaptable. One can wear it in different ways to match the dress or occasion. If you are on your way to a formal day in office, wear it over your shoulder. If you are going for a meeting or a conference, carry it on your hand, or on a bright sunny day for an outing, wear it across your body. This very same Alexa bag will suite anywhere anytime, without compromising the utility of carrying all your essential items with you. Alexa bags come in 3 sizes: the Mini Alexa, the Alexa and the Oversized Alexa.

Mulberry Alexa Tiger Grain Leather Bag

Mulberry Alexa Tiger Grain Leather bag is an elegant item in Alexa collection. Its look is a mix of classic Bayswater and Elkington briefcase. Priced around £250, this bag is ideal to accompany a lady for both casual and formal occasions. This bag is available in 2 sizes; the Alexa and the Oversized Alexa and can be worn across the body or over the shoulder. For convenience, it comes with an adjustable leather shoulder strap which can be detached from the bag when you need to carry it on arm.

Mulberry Alexa Hobo White Natural Leather Bag

The Mulberry Alexa Hobo White Natural Leather bag is very spacious, big enough to carry all your essential day-to-day items in one place. Made of 100% natural white leather, this bag is made like a bucket shape and consists of 2 roomy pockets in front and one internal slip pocket. It has a braided leather handle. The bag is priced around £250.

Mulberry Alexa Blue Soft Buffalo Shoulder Clutch

Mulberry Alexa Blue Soft Buffalo Shoulder Clutch has been getting a lot of attention, after it was seen with Alexa Chung, the very same person it was named after! The bag is a gorgeous blue one, available in the Alexa and the Alexa Oversized versions. The bag is priced £255 and consists of one major compartment and internal zip and slip pockets. This bag bears the key features of any bag in Mulberry Alexa family, i.e. Postman’s lock to belt strap detail. This belt strap is adjustable and if needed can be detached from the bag to allow to carry it on arm. The interior of the bag is made of Mulberry tree textile.

There are much more elegant stylish bags waiting for you in Mulberry Alexa collection. To find your dream bag, visit the Mulberry outlet available in town.