Have you imagined shooting photos on 360 degree angle? Yes, Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) has made it possible for you now. Its far-reaching panoramic mode brings the photo capturing on further step. So using any device which is operated through Android 4.2, you can capture the whole scene up to 360 degree. Definitely you will like to share and upload the photos on Google Maps as well as Google+. This is not only the feature you are going to love which is supplied with Android 4.2 but there are some other outstanding utilities which have been added into the latest version of Jelly Bean.

It would be a daydream for the users of Smartphones and tablet PCs that their device start filling up the screen with the most recent photos as well as daily news when the screen of your device goes idle. Android 4.2 has made it possible for you but don’t worry it would be under your control to maintain the privacy. An amazing update has been brought up to Jelly Bean (Android 4.2) by introducing the virtual typing to enhance the typing speed of the users. You can slide along the letters while typing whereas you don’t need to lift up your finger off screen. System can add spaces automatically among the letters.

Now Android allows the multiple users to switch between their profiles while they are using the latest version of Jelly Bean. Users don’t have to login or logout when they require switching from one profile to another. Hence if you have Nexus or any other Android device then switching between multiple profiles, personalized home-screens as well as folders of apps should not be a problem at all. Searching the latest information and finding updates is not a problem anymore if you have the latest version of Jelly Bean (Android 4.2). Home button has brought up great updates which includes additional cards such as getting flight timings/information, reminders for different important events (you may have purchased tickets for these events), a lot of other useful information. So you can Google anything with your Android device.

Also you will enjoy the most integrated features and support for electronic messaging as well as calendars. At the end, let’s discuss about the most significant feature of Android 4.2 which is Wireless Display. You can experience everything on HD TV whatever you have on your Android 4.2 device as it is capable to your HD TV through HDMI.

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