Most Suitable Dresses for Traveling

Vacation-goers and business travelers alike should have wrinkle-resistant and easy-care clothing in order to fulfill their traveling needs. It can be a real challenge for women to shop for dresses that would work in these situations because they may need ironing or may need a special packing due to a delicate trim. However, dress makers have explored the arena of travel-based style and created unique categories for easy-care dresses that can be used for the purpose of travel. When you are preparing for your next trip, you can check out the silhouette and textile used in these dresses to ensure you opt for similar styles from your closet.

Here is a guide that can aid you in choosing the right dresses for traveling:


The beauty of finely ribbed dresses is that they look exactly the way they did when you packed them in your luggage. It is best for you to go for patterns with two color tones such as a black and cream thin-striped maxi dress. Even if small creases set in, the variation in the color tone will act as a detractor. This fashion dress can also be versatile as you can wear to an evening dinner when you pair it with heels or achieve a sporty look with sandals.

Another option is to hunt for knit dresses that are washable in machines and made of stretch blend textile i.e. 5% spandex and 95% acetate. One of the benefits of this blend is that it goes back to its original shape after stretching. You can go for a knee-length, pull-over style dress like a faux-wrap or knitted tank dress. It is better to select earth tones or neutral shades in a solid pattern or color and choose accessories according to the time of the day.

Sweater Dress

Pair black leggings with a cowl-neck sweater dress in medium gray. You can ensure an easy security check if the dress is worn over the bottom. If you don a lightweight sweater dress as a layering item, you will be able to look fresh both while boarding and getting off the aircraft. You can wear it over pull-on pants and pull-over top in a contrasting shade and jersey-spandex blend. While sweaters don’t usually wrinkle, there are some like mohair and cashmere that are also resistant to stretching out and losing their original shape and sagging. This is extremely handy when you are traveling via car or have a long flight.

Two-for-one Styles

Always think of dress styles that you can use in a number of settings. The most versatile option is to choose two-for-one silhouettes because you can take advantage of two wearable options. A mini-length sporty sleeveless tank dress in a solid color or stripe can turn out to be a valuable asset when traveling. You can use it for a poolside lunch because it works as a cute cover-up or you can also make it work for nighttime dancing by pairing it with sexy sling-back shoes. You can also do the same type of styling with dresses in dark color schemes.