Xbox One Launch

Since the beginning of 2013, every gamer all around the globe has been anticipating the release of the eighth generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony, the two giants that dominate the gaming industry. Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are the new generation of consoles and the whole of the gaming world were eagerly waiting as it has been a while since a new console was released by these companies. A week back, Sony celebrated the successful launch of its PlayStation 4 with some minor hitches affecting some of the video game consoles preordered by customers. Now, it was the turn of Xbox One.

The Xbox One turned out to be the biggest ever launch for the Xbox series of consoles for Microsoft and the company is currently celebrating the fact that this new device has been sold out at most retailers. According to the stats, in the first 24 hours, about 1 million units of the video game console were sold, which is way ahead of the launch day total that had been set by its predecessor, the Xbox 360. Moreover, it is the same number of units that were sold of the PlayStation 4 of Sony on its first day of release, but Sony’s console has only been released in North America and would reach Europe on Friday.

In comparison, the Xbox One was released in about 13 different countries including New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Mexico and Italy. The company said in its statement that the Xbox One was sold out in most places and the company was working hard to meet the unprecedented demand of its consoles amongst the customers. Yusuf Mehdi, the corporate vice president of marketing and strategy said that the company was very grateful to the fans of the console that are spread all over the world. He added that it was a very special moment for the team of Xbox One to see avid fans lining up to get their hands on the console.

He asserted that the company was making an effort to restock the consoles for fulfilling the holiday gift wishes of individuals. As opposed to most video game launches, things seem to have moved smoothly and the online services were down on Friday for only a brief period. Instead, so far, the most significant fault that came to light was the terrifying noise some disc drives of the Xbox One are making when a disc is inserted inside. The odd thing about this noise is that although it sounds as if the disc is being chewed into pieces, there is no actual damage occurring.

Even so, the noise is not something people want to hear and is preventing the discs from working. The company said that only a small number of Xbox One users have encountered this problem. They said that their advance exchange program is attempting to provide a replacement consoles to those individuals as soon as possible as their priority is to take care of the customers.